Health Screen

When the client comes into the care facility (based on an appointment), if this is a first visit the client will go through a health screening process.


The Wellness Screening Process will include the following tests:
• Blood Pressure,
• Blood Sugar,
• Body Mass Index,
• Cholesterol Test, and others as requested by the doctor.

This will help the clinic begin to build up patient history from the beginning and the doctors will be able to advise the client accordingly from the results that are seen. A specific wellness program can be drawn up based on this


During an appointment the doctor will carry out full consultations and examinations.

If simple blood tests are required, blood testing will be done onsite during the consultation. If more elaborate tests are required they will be taken to offsite laboratories and will be done all on the same day. This service will help to greatly decrease time lost in waiting and excessive delays in diagnosis. Thus making these services incredibly cost effective and greatly valued. When the tests come through we call the patient and ensure that medication prescribed is delivered.

Valentis Care will also be providing prescription medication and wet labs affordably.


From Screening we can provide a holistic Wellness program that will tackle the following key areas
• Economic well-being
• Social well-being
• Emotional well-being
• Physical well-being

This basically handles the WHO definition of Health, which sees being healthy as having Economic, Social, Physical Wellbeing and not just the absence of disease or infirmities.

Health Screen