About Valentis Health

Valentis Health Limited is a company that is invested in health. We cater to THREE important areas:
Valentis Care, Valentis Life and Valentis Skin.

Valentis Care:
Valentis Care handles General Family Practice, offering GP services as part of a suite of wellness services.

Valentis Life:
Valentis Life handles issues surrounding stress that leads to illness. The best way to manage stress isn’t to reduce it, but rather to rethink and even embrace it. When people know what is stressing them and are taught how to manage it, their bodies manage the stress response better.

Valentis Skin
Valentis Skin handles all the cosmetic procedures because we recognize that the outward appearance determines the inward state. Addressing skin issues, the clinic handles the elimination of skin conditions through superior skin care products referred to as cosmeceuticals.

Valentis is the Latin word for Vitality

Vitality is the condition of physical and intellectual vigour.

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