Family General Practice


Valentis Health Limited is the Premier Family Practice Clinic in Kenya run by Dr. Don Othoro who is a highly qualified General Practitioner having over 17 years experience working in leading NHS hospitals in London before going into Private practice, he knows clinical medicine.

Dr Othoro’s major passion is to offer Executive General Practice services affordably to the middle class.

Sadly, healthcare delivery in Kenya has become costly. Analysis shows that money is spent on consultations, prescriptions and wet laboratory services. If you compare this with the practice internationally, this should not be the case. In this regard we have worked out a program that will take healthcare back into Family Practice hence closer to the people.

ValentisCare is a family practice executive clinic with a difference, offering Medical Care Services. The Care we have for the family is holistic, taking care of the mind, body and soul. The family doctor will be able to take care of all your needs. The mission is to provide high quality care, affordably.

The minute a client makes contact with ValentisCare they have to feel special. When a client is sick, they need to feel on top of the world and that’s why they seek medical attention. We are going back to the Basics!

We are managing healthcare in four main ways:
• Providing medical care through a new innovative Medical Call Center
• Face to face Consultations
• Providing prescription medication and wet labs affordably
• From Screening we can provide a holistic Wellness program that will tackle the following key areas


The benefits of this ValentisCare Medical Plan are unlimited flexible appointments, consultation lengths to suit client needs with time dedicated to fully discuss any number of health concerns.

Consultations will be carried out in comfortable, discreet and relaxed surroundings by experienced professional GPs with a wide range of skills and qualifications. The client will also have access to a unique team of Specialist Consultants in counseling and coaching that will give access to our new innovative Wellness Program that helps to alleviate some of the diseases suffered due to stress.

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