Physical Well-being

Sports & Lifestyle Coaching

To make sports an integral part of keeping fit and healthy within the workplace through personalized online care designed specifically for the individual. The package includes:

• Monthly training plan 100% customized, individually designed for the client and focused on your goals.
• Feedback via phone or email one time per week for recommendations, answers questions or to change your workout plan, when required.
• We also work In groups of more than 8 people, offering one group training session a week with a coach
• Monitor progress and provide performance feedback
• Individual physiological assessments to adjust boundaries and training loads and monitor performance.
• The package does not include the preparation of plans and a program of nutritional weights. However, as part of the comprehensive training the individual will be offered general recommendations on how to handle the general physical preparation and nutrition.

Weight Management

Shift the Weight®

Weight Management Program that focuses on coaching as the support system. This weight loss program has three components:
• “Shift the Weight” – A personalized weight loss campaign
• Modus Vivendi – Lifestyle Coaching Consultancy
• “Kilos for the Hungry” -Weight loss movement that benefits the hungry (Food Pantry) Give 500lbs (250 kgs) of food to humanitarian organizations

Together with “Shift the Weight”, Valentis Life program empowers you with the focus, training and accountability you need to achieve the consistent results you demand in the most important areas of your life. Weight control is one of the most challenging personal goals many people strive to attain but the success levels are not high. Kilos for the hungry reminds us that there are those in our society that don’t have basic food to eat and as each participant loses weight they will convert that into food for the hungry.

Shift the Weight seeks to use holistic methods to help Kenyans lose and maintain healthy weight loss. It is an intensive 6 month program that has a social responsibility aspect attached to it. We live in a society of the haves and have-nots. This is very clearly seen in the availability if or the lack of food. It’s time to shift the weight and redistribute the kilos.

This double-sided weight management program aims to generate kilos of food for the kilos of weight lost. The food collected at the end of the shift the weight challenge will be channeled through the humanitarian organization “Kilos for the Hungry” to those in the country in need of food aid.

“Shift the Weight” Program B (Alternative plan)

Goal is to lose 1 kg per week
• First weigh in – where each participant needs to have lost a minimum of 4 kgs. There is a penalty per month if they do not reach target.
• The participants will use their own scales and will employ an honor system when reporting on weight loss
• The diets and exercise plan followed will be unique to each participant.
• Weekly group Coaching meeting
• The kitty of accumulated fines will be given to the individual who has the highest percentage weight loss or is closest to their recommended normal BMI
• Each of the participants has to measure their hips, waist, etc. and send the information to all other participants

The Qualifications of the Valentis Coaching Staff

At Valentis Life, the coaches are accredited and Certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).
The ICF provides independent certification that is the benchmark for the professional coaching industry.
The CB Therapist is a Masters graduate in psychology.

Sports & Lifestyle Coaching

Weight Management