Advanced Skin Care

Valentis Skin is committed to providing clinically validated skin care and aesthetic products for the professional marketplace through the sale of high-grade skin products. Through our vast experience in the medical and cosmetic world we provide:
• Full Skin Consultations
• Non-surgical Treatments and Procedures
• The Latest Medical Grade Cosmetic Products

How We Work

1. The spa will compile and schedule appointments with patients, we see what the various needs are and allocate appropriate appointment slots
2. On average a consultation and treatment would take about 45mins
3. We provide all medical supplies and equipment i.e. consumables and products. Remuneration for attending medical practitioners would be on a commission basis.
4. It would be a 10% commission per client of total gross amount pay as is the standard fee in most Medispas in London.


These are medical grade professional skincare products that are not sold through the normal channels of department stores but through a network of specialized skin care professionals (Dermatologists, Cosmetic Doctors and Plastic Surgeons). Cosmeceuticals refer to cosmetics that have been combined with pharmaceutical-type ingredients. Any cosmetic that claims to have medicinal properties can be placed within the cosmeceutical category.

Advanced Skin Care & Cosmeceuticals